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3D Printer Repair

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Do You Need Printer Repair or Maintenance ?

At Printer Repair Center (Uae tech) our qualified technicians are industry leaders in dubai  Wide Printer Repair, Maintenance and Services. Instead of taking your heavy machinery to the workshop, we will come straight to you! The team at uae tech is dedicated to exceeding all levels of customer expectations and aims to drive your business to your organization with minimal disruption.A new commercial printer for your office can easily cost thousands of AED.Printer Repair Dubai Although the information is commonly transferred digitally and viewed on screens,Printer repair Dubai many clients, partners, stakeholders, and potential customers still rely on physical copies. A best-quality printer can be one of your utmost important investments, and without proper maintenance & repair, 3d Printer repair it can fast become more of a problem than a solution. With this in mind, you should invest thought and resources into connection with strong printer maintenance and repair providers. Choosing among different operations and teams can be daunting, but Printer Repair Dubai can help. When choosing your printer maintenance, partner repair service looks for these three qualities.There can be many reasons of failure of Fuser unit but some of them are low or high temperature of printer, bad circuits or power, Bad AC line voltage, usage of empty toner, over flow of current, adapter issue, use of wrong fuser unit etc. This is a mechanical problem and not possible to resolve by customer, these kinds issue are manage by printer expert like UAE TECH team.

Common Issue with Printers and their Solutions

Paper jam

The main and general issue with the printer is paper jam, it means that paper is stuck inside the printer and printer is not working.  There are many reasons for paper jam some of them are given below.

Sensor Issue: There is Optical sensor which give command to printer for picking up the paper from paper tray and print. Sometime that sensor doesn’t work and cause paper Jam for the solution for this is call UAE TECH for the professional replacement of sensor.

Pick up roller: It is soft and rubbery surface which pick the paper from paper tray. Sometime dust or dirt in roller cause for paper jam issue. It is very sensitive thing if not done by care then it can head.

Transfer belt:  Transfer belt pick the paper and passes it through each component of printer to complete the printing process. Sometime due to dust, dirt or break down of transfer belt cause the Paper Jam.

Paper Tray:  Sometime putting wrong paper tray to wrong model of printer can cause the paper jam and we should clean paper tray time to time to make printing process smoothly.

Size of Paper: Some time wrong size of paper in paper tray cause the paper jam issue.

Ink leakage:  Toner or Ink leakage inside the printer could cause paper jam.

Motor Problem:There is a motor inside the printer to move and advance paper from tray to printer head for complete the printing process, due to motor sometime paper jam issue occur in printer.

Maintenance box: Its stores ink that gets bloomed from the system during print head cleaning. When an ink cartridge is used or the maintenance box is at the finish of its service life, you need to replace it.

Ink or Toner leaking:

Second big problem occurs in printer is leaking of ink, reason of leaking problem could be over flow of current, internal Temperature of printer, using of worn out toner, so on but the main reason of it is using Compatible toner or refill toner, refilled toner has higher probability than compatible toner in case of leakage. Sometime to save money we refill the toner excessive than real capacity of the toner which increase the internal pressure and temperature which trigger ink leakage.When using filling ink, some peopleuse smart chip on ink supply system of the printing device so that we can monitor the ink supply properly in toner. This chip shows wrong information about the toner use and cause more damage. Due to ink leakage printer component get damage such as:

  • Printer Head Problem
  • Transfer Belt Issue
  • PCR (Power Charger Roller) issue
  • Drum issue
  • Blade problem
  • Logic Board Problem.
  • Fuser Unit Problem.

Printer Doesn’t Turn On:

There are many issues behind not turning on of printer, some of the reason are given below

  • logic board Problem,
  • formator board Problem  
  • Main power supply Problem
  • Power cable Problem
  • Inside Printer Cable Problem
  • Power Adapter Problem
  • Software problem
  • firmware problem
  • Bios issue
  • Power IC damage
  • Short logic board resistance
  • Power Ampere not workingproperly

Media Tray Issue

Some this message appears on printer screen with a full paper tray it could be a hardware issue or may need to update the drivers. For further assistance contact UAE TECH to number given on our website.

Missing Print

   Missing print while printing some documents may be because of wrong paper size configuration for this check the setting while giving print command or it might be because use of compatible toner.

Toner Light Still On

   Even after you replaced the empty cartridge with new one but stillyou might find the toner light is blinking or continuously on, for that you need to check the chip inserted on printer which use to check the cartridge or need to check the fuser placed on the font of toner. This is common error which you may found in almost all brand. No need to panic just call us for further assistance.

Slow Printing Issue

Sometime printer take time to print than expected time or do not meet the speed given on printer models because of the following reason:

High Resolution Print: Some time printer take time to print high resolution print so, do not worry about the speed.

Drivers issue: Because of the outdate driver of printer cause slow printing issue, it is recommended to install or update the new drivers.

Use of One Cartridge: Some model of printers allows to print in single use cartridge which affect the speed of print, we recommend to use of all cartridge and cartridge should installed properly

Connectivity Problem: Please check the connection of your printer if it wireless printer then check the strength of connection on your desktop or if it connect to ethernetcable please make sure connection is secure or try change the cable.

Use of USB cable:  If your printer is connected to your computer by USB cable then length of cable also affects the speed it is better to have short USB cable.

Shift from two-sided to simplex modewill help you to increase the speed but you will use extra pages.

Busy System: If so many programs or applications is running at the same time of give printing command to printer will take time to start the print. For this just restart your system.

Supplies Memory Problem

This error is generally coming in HP printer which has a problem with the toner/cartridge chipwhich is not able to read. This is called electronic information or e-label printed on cartridgeto rectify this problem first we should simply restart the printer, if still there is problem reset the cartridge. If problem is not resolved it is a hardware problem you should dial the number on the website for free check-up of your printer.

Out of Paper

If this error comes in your printer and printer is not out of paper then it means there is issue with paper tray or paper senor. You need to make sure that your printer is on flat surface and there is no physical damage or dust on paper tray. If issue is not resolved please check the paper sensor or clean it properly.

No Cartridge or Toner Error

This error come on your printer because the printer is not able to recognise the cartridge on it

Or does not have cartridge in it. For this simply remove and insert the cartridge properly. If you face same issue please contact the UAE TECH.

Low Toner Problem

It simple to understand if you see this error on your printer which means either the ink is low or empty. For this just remove the toner and gently shake it to distribute the ink evenly, But still you face the same error please contact us as soon as possible on the number given on our website and one of our teams staff will assist you.

 I/O Configuration

An I/O configuration is the set of hardware resources that are available to the operating system, and the connections between these resources. Here it means there is a connection problem between the Computer and printer. For this simply check the connection between the system and printer if it is connected via cable make sure cable is properly inserted at both ends, if still there is issue check with another cable.

If there is WIFI or wireless connection check the distance between them or the strength of connection in computer

Hard Disk Failure

By the name of error, it is understood that the hard disk of your printer crashed and need to replace but for the meanwhile you can resolve this issue by pressing select button on HP printers. If it doesn’t work please contact us and we will help you out is this case.

Fuser Unit failure or Error

The Common issue occur in all brand is Fuser Unit Failure. There error code number varies from brand to brand. Fuser unit is last component of printing process which use heat to adhere ink onto a paper after paper has received impression from the transfer belt.

It is a hardware problem which cannot be repair easily maximum time we need to replace the fuser unit. The indication of bad fuser unit is if you are getting black lines, double images, distorting image, whizzing image etc are the sign of bad fuser unit.

     3D printer repair cervice in dubai:- 

All uae tech technicians have extensive and up-to-date training to ensure they have the latest knowledge on all machines and model machines and can quickly repair and repair your broken printers. Whether your printer needs repair, an old Hewlett Packard model, a Brother printer, a Dell printer, a Panasonic printer, a HP Design Jet or a new Canon IP series, we have the expert knowledge to make that happen. Reprinting with high quality. We offer exclusive printer repair services in dubai  to all our customers with experience in fixing all types of printers, from Epson Monochrome and Kyocera color ,hp printer ,3 d printer laser printers to Lexmark large format printers . We serve all brands of printers and other devices available on the market, including Xerox, Samsung, Toshiba and Sharp Printers.

Our friendly technicians are ready for any common or complicated problems that may be interrupted by your printer and may be happy to advise you on diagnosing the long-term health of your machine. In addition, to provide you with an efficient service, all of our qualified mobile technicians will arrive at your location with the usual parts that require printer repair work. For example, if your printer needs more repairs, we will gladly (subject to availability) provide you with a free credit machine - ways to help minimize disruption to your business operations.

Uae Tech 3D printer repair in dubai:-

  • the UAE Tech Technical Support Center on 0509481823 from 9:00 am to 9:00 am.
  • A trained technician will try to solve your problem by phone.
  • If the phone cannot resolve the issue, we will arrange to send a service technician to repair your printer.
  • If you phone us before 9:00 am the repair is usually the next business day


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